Backstabberrrrrrrrr hope grabber greedy little fit haver

Hurrr duuuurrrrrrr O_O

*rolls in*

Chicks with swords!

Studiessss D:<

More stuff from imagination :D

And studyyyy o_o


NPMartin said...

I love your chicks with swords so much!! They're so spunky!
Gorgeous art, as always. <3

Anonymous said...

In Sandbox+-+0063 the skin tone and lighting is amazing!

Visit my blog and critique my work please hahaha

NotImportant said...

You know, this might be something totally not important for you, but I guess I want you to know - I started painting digitally because of Linda Berkvist, now I continue to do so because of you. Your self-educating skills are tremendous, you inspire to practice and fight obstacles in learning. I believe you are a great help and inspiration not only to me, hah, I wish I could paint even better than you do now, one day :D
All the best!

Peyote said...

I will work like a samurai during my vacation.
do you have any advice to progress quickly ?

i'luv 'ur sketches!
(folower since concept-art)

Anna Christenson said...

That last study, and those hands from last post, just boggle my mind.

Jakeh Clark said...

I really like that you intepret realism instead of just copying it exactly. that means you really understand what you are doing!

keep it up, and thanks for streaming.

Zlatolin Donchev said...

you are an art machine, please keep it up for inspiring also us, the small artists :)

Unknown said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Xin Ran Liu said...

haha when I saw your Archangel on CA I couldn't help but think that it looked like your work

Anonymous said...

hm... I think you have some sort of superior visual memory, because i can't even imagine how to draw such stuff from imagination. Do you really "see" all this things in your head? You are really gifted. Good luck!

cgmythology said...

Hannes is at it again! Great update here, I really enjoy how you're toying around with your style quite a bit. You have some great range, continue to explore it!

Reshind said...

Wow, you've got some amazing artwork posted here. I love both of your chicks with swords, especially the first one. The painting with the deer in the field is top notch also. Your art is truly inspirational!