I am the man who arranges the blocks

Hello hello, 2012 is here, that means, err, all like before.

Here's two Christmas gifts I painted, first one for my sister, the other one for my mom!

A bunch of studies. Really liked the colors this set of photos had and had to paint them o_o

Two more personal pieces!

And a bunch of hand studies derp derp.

See you, and happy new year!


Sebastian Gromann said...

awesome as always, dude ! ;) have a great one.

Dave Kapah said...

looking great!

Helene said...

Your artwork is wonderful! E Especially love the sky image!

Edward said...

Man you're totally awesome! =) Cheers for the studies =) Happy New Year to you too! =)

Saskia said...

Sind das Papierstatuen oder so? Die haben wirklich eine tolle Farbigkeit !! Die Hände sind so plastisch geworden, sehr schön :)

- said...

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George Patsouras said...

This is pure insanity, you pretty much mastered digital painting as far as I'm concerned. Very inspirational as always, keep on rockin' !