Shiny Shiny


Have some... things O_O


A knight!

Some architecture studies!

And a few character sketches <3

And also more color studies.

Goodbyyyyeeeeee ° _ ° //


Sam said...

Damn hannes, I just went browsing through your CA sketchbook, and you're just so good these days I forget how humble your beginnings were, and how much frickin' work you did. Even more inspiring to see you still keeping these studies up now. Love the expressive flat colour studies of the girl with flowers and train the best... were they inspired by another artist's studies? I seem to recall seeing something similar elsewhere (maybe Robh Ruppel? can't remember, but would love to see them again). I frequently use you as the best example of how someone's perseverance to learn and study really pays off.

DanijelC said...

Not much online activity from you, you went underground? :P. Good to see your still doing awesome art.

cgmythology said...

Your work and studies are incredibly inspirational, keep doing your thing!

Anonymous said...