It's me!
Well, uh, not much to say, I roll around on the floor and in between I post old stuff, yay!
Here's a heli photo study:

Also I tried teaching myself animating a bit, so here's some baby steps! Reeeeaaally crude stuff, but I really enjoy it and maybe I'll get better at it!
Click for animation!

Aaand here's also some more interior photo studies! All from random tumblr photos.

That's it for now, see you guys!


Anonymous said...

So awesome! Would love to see a longer animation from you some time. Keep updating, man!

Sebastian Gromann said...

du krasser typ du o_o sehr geil, wie immer!

Dave Rapoza said...

Beautiful Hannes, beautiful. :)

Joe Gloria said...

totally stunning !!!

Even Mehl Amundsen aka Mischeviouslittleelf said...

Hey man, these are great! Hope everything is going well.


Unknown said...


ConnyNordlund said...

Great job on the animation stuff!
I found a few that had some spacing and timing problems but that is to be expected.

I think you have that animators survival kit book too right? I remember seeing that one in some picture you put up. Refer to that book a lot (incase you didn't).

DanijelC said...

Great work on the animation man. I was hypnotized by that first one :D.
The rest of the stuff is rock solid as usual. Keep on rockng

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm gonna take this update as my birthday-present! :D

Now, don't tell me these animations are from imagination... Ich würds dir zutrauen! D8

Cheers to rolling around on the floor! You're probably a master at that as well ;)

Chun Lo said...

Sooo nicee Hannes! Just beautiful in every respect!

Sandra said...

Deine Zeichnungen sind echt der Wahnsinn!! Ich bin schon lange ein riesiger Fan von dir, aber ich wollte mich jetzt mal auten XD.
Wirklich ganz großes Kino, was du immer produzierst *___*
Die Animationen finde ich auch richtig geil OO.
Mach bitte weiter so, du bist eine meiner größten Inspirationsquellen!!! :)

Cornelius Hölz said...

man hannes, ich fall echt langsam vom glauben ab! hammer wahnsinn


Alisa said...

Die Animationen sind klasse, vorallem die letzte - schön dynamisch, mit den schwingenden Armen im Kontrast zu den Beinen. :D
Sag mal, mit wieviel Frames hast du ungefähr gearbeitet?

Azurelle said...

Playing too much with Daz AniBlocks, Hannes? http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/aniblocks?cat=894&_m=d

Hannes said...

Thanks guys! :)

@Conny yeah that book is amazing, learned a ton from it!

@Alisa, bei manchen 12fps, bei manchen nur 6, bin bisschen faul wenns um die Inbetweens geht :D

@Azurelle: I don't know if you're actually Anne or just try to make her look bad, but either way you should perhaps consider that some people want to learn and don't choose the easy route of instant gratification. But I guess every word spent explaining something to you is wasted.

Danny said...

Good god, is there anything you can't do?

AlexanderLee said...

I am just dazzled by your skill. I guess it is no surprise though, since you have practiced so much. I will be spending the next year (or more) drawing like crazy so I can get accepted to an animation school. Your work is really inspiring to me.