I fall to the ground within hours of impact

Helloooooooooooo here's an update Ò_Óv

First a painting for fun, as a gift for someone on dA!

Now for the practice! I've been doing some technical things, helicopters and stuff, difficult aaaaaugh D:<
So, first some photo studies!

Aaaand shit from imagination, trying to apply things I learned from the studies.

I usually try to not do the exact same thing from head, but rather focus on some underlying principles and get those and then try to apply them when I do stuff without ref, but here's a case where I did something really similar after the study. First photostudy, second from imagination:

Annnd here's a mini still life of a tiny model kit I built, from life, around 2 hours:

I also put up two .psd files on deviantArt, look here! http://algenpfleger.deviantart.com/gallery/28996547



Unknown said...

Dude, you are a machine. Thanks for the non stop inspiration! :D

Chun Lo said...

Oh God I love all your new stuff!!

BTW how did you get those textures on the metal surface? Is it from a brush or a layer mode?

It looks so clean yet textured at the same time. Great job on everything!

Anonymous said...

Jaw-dropping, man! Thanks for the kick in the ass.

SleekGreek said...

Hey Hannes,looking nice. Can you take a photo of that plastic plane model lying on your hand? I'm interested to see the real scale of that thing. I'm into modelling kits) Which company produced it?

cgmythology said...

Stunning updates as usual; I gotta say I really like the style of the first image; Very realistically rendered, but maintaining a gesture and expression that is much more stylized and unique. I definitely think you should experiment with this style further, as it really helps your art stand out IMO.

Keep it going!

Hannes said...

Thom, thanks man! :D

Chun Lo, thanks! The textures are just brushes, combined with selections to make sure it stays where it's supposed to be :) I don't like layer modes too much at the moment, at least not for texturing, I prefer the opaque look that normal painting gives.

Adrian, damn man, thanks! Means a lot!

Fake George, sure! http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt305/algenpfleger/Unbenannt-1Kopie.jpg It's a 1/144 MiG-29 by Revell :)

Real George, thanks! Yeah I enjoy the stylized stuff tremendously, especially since there's so many ways to abstract and stylize things, you could go with a cartoony figure and realistic rendering, or the other way round, or do whatever the hell you want :D Drawing sure is fun!

Anonymous said...

The best artist ever I can say.
What school did you attend to?
Your technique is just amazing.
Especially architecture stuff.

MurkC said...

Great stuff!

I have a question about self studying, did you study mainly from photos? Some guy told me I shouldn't study from photos, which is weird cause I think doing quick photo studies helped me a lot more than still life of bottles (which is boring as hell too)

Even Mehl Amundsen aka Mischeviouslittleelf said...

Keep rocking it man!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannes.
Just wondering. I've never seen you draw Asian people before...?

A. Riabovitchev said...

Cool stuff here!:O)

Tyler said...

dude, your insane. love that new one on cghub as well.

Anonymous said...


Helaine said...

algen! I've been your fan for long time already, been following your sketchbook for a year now.

May I ask, do you do nude life drawing? Because I didn't see any nude life drawing in your sb thread... I saw lots of anatomy studies from photos/bridgman/others and some from your own body :D