Walking through the empty age

Hey hey o_o It's me...

Here's two illustrations I did for Playboy magazine earlier this year...

Also some knight studies, way old...

Sketchy sketch, trying to be moody D:

Some studies of dresses and folds o_o

Also, violence.




Here's a couple of things again...

Some hand studies... ugh...

Surfacing? Tough D: First one is studies.

Some rock studies...

Birdie from imagination...

And master studies from the one and only Linda-sama °v°

See you~


Shining Ray

Hey hey! Long time no update... I guess o_o

Here's a personal painting:

Some chick:

Some bird studies too.

And doodling...

Plus more clouds.



Heya! Long time no see o_o Here's a bunch of studies D:

Some environment scribbles from imagination :I

And some really quick cloud studies...


Sleeping Beauty + Process

Heyyyyy o_ob Here's a personal piece I spent quite a bunch of time on so I figured I might show it here as well! =0

And I saved a bunch of steps: