Let's see how fast this thing can go

 Hello! Here's another update consisting mostly of studies. Spent a day or two on this one:

Some architecture studies...

 Really quick color studies, going for nothing except... well, color...

 Some noodles from imagination:

And another study.



You need a ride, Delilah?

Hallo! My name is Alge, I will be your guide for the post today.

First, to your left, some portrait studies from references.

Next, here we have some vehicle line drawings. They don't look fun and trust me, they aren't.

In addition to that, this is a colored scribble. For those of you that feel like leaving already, I can empathize.

From the series "Derivative Shit" (2011-?):

And last and like the rest here also pretty much least, lion studies.

We hope you enjoyed our little trip and in the oh-so-unlikely scenario that you didn't, please speak to the management who will surely care a lot for your troubles.