Mango desu

Hello! Here's a mini update with some trial and error type of things - just playing with a traditional manga look because who's gonna judge me, right? All done from photo reference, digitally.

Of course girls are always important.

Handball players even more so!




Hello! Long time no update. Have been busy rolling around in the grass, on the beach and in the water!

But here's some color studies, including a cat!

And some magic cards from last year...

And some girl studies (can't go without them)~

That's it for now :D More soon... not!


Shiny Shiny


Have some... things O_O


A knight!

Some architecture studies!

And a few character sketches <3

And also more color studies.

Goodbyyyyeeeeee ° _ ° //


Avacyn Restored

For the sake of completion, here are some illustrations for Magic: The Gathering I did last year that were published recently.

Initial sketch and final for Blood Artist:

Restoration Angel:

Dark Impostor:

And Dual Casting:




Hey everyone! Here's some pictures! :3


And more studies o_o

And a poop from head, trying to create mood °_0

More studies.

And my current state of mind.



Hey Guys! Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been kinda busy trying to learn to paint and, you know, paint.

I've been doing a bunch of color things and uh, this is what this update is about... I guess?
So! Studies!

Aaaaaand stuff from imagination.

And studies!

And stuff from imagination to apply what I get from the studies, you know the drill...

And more studies...

And more imagination.

Not really interesting I'm afraid, but as with most things, practice is never really that exciting. Worth it though in the end, I hope?


Let's see how fast this thing can go

 Hello! Here's another update consisting mostly of studies. Spent a day or two on this one:

Some architecture studies...

 Really quick color studies, going for nothing except... well, color...

 Some noodles from imagination:

And another study.