You're still alive, Delilah

Hurro guise!

Here is different stuffs I did. Herp derp. Mostly crappy studies.
A birdy, quick and messy...

Some chick studies.

Two fold studies, and two scribbles from imagination...

And finally, it snowed >_> Sketch from life...

That's it for now, hopefully i'll have something good to show soon ;A;


So don't cry, Delilah

Hello all my readers! Yes both of them! How are you doing? Have another boring knight study.

Also clothing and folds blargh.

Scribbly scribble:

More hand studies too.

A quicker piece from imagination...

And another master study from my favorite master O_O


I am the man who arranges the blocks

Hello hello, 2012 is here, that means, err, all like before.

Here's two Christmas gifts I painted, first one for my sister, the other one for my mom!

A bunch of studies. Really liked the colors this set of photos had and had to paint them o_o

Two more personal pieces!

And a bunch of hand studies derp derp.

See you, and happy new year!