It's me!
Well, uh, not much to say, I roll around on the floor and in between I post old stuff, yay!
Here's a heli photo study:

Also I tried teaching myself animating a bit, so here's some baby steps! Reeeeaaally crude stuff, but I really enjoy it and maybe I'll get better at it!
Click for animation!

Aaand here's also some more interior photo studies! All from random tumblr photos.

That's it for now, see you guys!



Hurr durr, still doing the interior stuff! Fun, fun!
Here's a recent painting, trying to paint a full scenery from imagination, and pushing the materials a bit, and also trying to make it look a bit less dead.

Steps! I really regretted not being more careful this time, I hadn't intended for this to become a larger painting so I was messy with the initial drawing. There's some perspective weirdnesses that I should have fixed right in the beginning :(

Aaand a few studies. It's pretty obvious how the stuff I do from imagination is fairly similar, because I mainly do it to process the information I learned and to try to apply the approaches I played with during the studies. Something that works in a study might or might not work in something that's done from head, and finding out ways that work and ways that don't takes practice, but I feel it's really useful.
These are, again, all from random tumblr photos.

And here's a few more sketches from imagination. I'm sure you'll see how I picked up lots of this directly from the studies and then clumsily tried to make it work for me.

That's it for now. Cheers!


Push it push it real

Hello! Spring is awesome! There's strawberries and flowers and it's not freezing anymore, yes! Awesome!

Okay so I got a bit tired of doing stuff all tight and clean soooo I did some studies focusing a bit on texture and brushiness and being loose in general while trying to keep in mind the actual structure underneath that I focused on with the cleaner studies. Not sure how successful these are, but trying out things is important!
These are all from random photos from tumblr.

I also did a personal painting, the first one in ages!! Fairly happy with how this one turned out, it went better than expected and is fairly close to how I wanted it! :D All from imagination.

And another one from imagination, trying to focus on what I learned from the architectural stuff. Also put the psd file online for those who might be interested!

That's about it for today I guess! Enjoy the awesome weather everyone!