Spring time = study time

Okay, regardless of the weather and temperatures outside I've decided that winter is now over. So there. What that means is that rather than cleaning up my room, it might be time to clean up my edges and painting style and so this post has some studies that focus on being cleaaaan and bright!

God I write some stupid shit hahaha.

Anyways, photo studies.

Also, tanks. Second one is a study (obviously).

Aaand some more stuff from imagination...

And another study. This perspective shit is tough, and I'm not really happy with the look of this one. Hmm :I

Anyways, see you guys! :O


I wished for winter but now I can't wait for spring =_=

Hey everyone! Here's an update o_o

Some, err, things I did! Kinda busy with freelance... or, well... not too busy actually, but lazy, so still not much to show ö_ö Some Magic cards Jana and me did got released though, we should show them these days! : D

A study of a photo I took in Berlin...

Some sketches from imagination...


And some older things. All from imagination, too.

That's it! :O For now I guess. See you guys!