Should I go back should I go back should I~

Hey guys!
Here's a couple of new personal paintings.

This one was a gift for somebody on deviantArt:

And a quick portrait from imagination. Need to work on being able to draw pretty girls! OvO/

There's also steps for all of them here! http://algenpfleger.deviantart.com/gallery/8622578

Aaaand studies, studies, studies! Too lazy to draw the faces these days ö_ö All from photos from random pr0n sites :D

I also put up some more .psd files, if anyone's interested in checking them out! o_ov

Hmmm not much more to see here at the moment. My apologies! D:



I fall to the ground within hours of impact

Helloooooooooooo here's an update Ò_Óv

First a painting for fun, as a gift for someone on dA!

Now for the practice! I've been doing some technical things, helicopters and stuff, difficult aaaaaugh D:<
So, first some photo studies!

Aaaand shit from imagination, trying to apply things I learned from the studies.

I usually try to not do the exact same thing from head, but rather focus on some underlying principles and get those and then try to apply them when I do stuff without ref, but here's a case where I did something really similar after the study. First photostudy, second from imagination:

Annnd here's a mini still life of a tiny model kit I built, from life, around 2 hours:

I also put up two .psd files on deviantArt, look here! http://algenpfleger.deviantart.com/gallery/28996547