Avacyn Restored

For the sake of completion, here are some illustrations for Magic: The Gathering I did last year that were published recently.

Initial sketch and final for Blood Artist:

Restoration Angel:

Dark Impostor:

And Dual Casting:



Dave Kapah said...

lovely works

kazerniel said...


Joe Gloria said...

Killing man...Killing.

Dekus said...

That 1st pic is a damn photo.



O C said...

If you tried to see the bigger version of it and check the details, you'd know it isn't a photo Dekus.

Hannes practices with real photos when he does his sketches, so it's no reason why it shouldn't look like one, albeit a lot cooler and awesome than what a photo would look like.

Check his older works, you'd understand if you see more. :)

lais` said...

Hi, see your works on CA recently,
it's very inspiring when looking how you get such a big progress within four or five years!! I really want to leave a message to you!!! You encourage me!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I have the card.